About the Program

Through our exhibitions program we work to enlighten and enrich all University Libraries visitors through the presentations of collections materials and scholarship focusing on intellectual and cultural topics. We work to foster a broader and deeper understanding of the library’s role as the intellectual hub of the campus; a crossroads that connects disparate fields of knowledge and facilitates a broad and diverse community. Our exhibitions reveal the deep interdisciplinary connections within the university community through inclusion and collaboration which create enduring relationships. Such projects engage students in undergraduate and graduate research with faculty participation through building exhibition content, programming, and easy access to exhibition-related resources which increase awareness and use of our University Libraries Special Collections and their invaluable primary resource materials. In the end, it is not only about the artifacts that are displayed within the cases, it is about the conversations that result from spending time within these exhibits.

Mission Statement

The University of Oklahoma Libraries exhibition program develops and implements significant exhibitions that reflect the values of OU as a diverse community of students and scholars. The program improves awareness of and community engagement with the libraries’ collections and services. The program encourages collaborative partnerships with other OU academic and curatorial units, and with the communities we serve.


Exhibitions will:

  • Enrich the experience of all visitors to the University Libraries through the presentation of scholarly and culturally significant stories that are told through our collections;
  • Foster a broader and deeper understanding of the University Libraries’ role as the intellectual hub of the campus, a crossroads that connects disparate fields of knowledge while engaging a diverse community;
  • Support teaching, life-long learning, research, and community engagement through exhibition content, programming, and access to exhibition-related resources;
  • Create enduring relationships through collaborations with other university departments, related educational or cultural institutions, and local communities;
  • Increase the visibility of our collections by demonstrating their diversity, complexity, value, and impact to local, regional, and national audiences.

Proposing An Exhibition

The University of Oklahoma provides spaces for short-term, low-cost exhibitions within Bizzell Memorial Library and branch libraries. Short-term exhibits are meant to highlight the research, teaching, and programs at the University of Oklahoma. These exhibits are typically on display for no longer than a full academic semester. 

If you are interested in discussing your idea for an exhibition, please use our contact form to schedule a meeting with the exhibition coordinators.  To prepare for your meeting, please review our Short-Term Exhibit planning questions.

Exhibitions Advisory Committee

  • Sarah Robbins, Senior Director of Public Services & Strategic Initiatives, Chair
  • James Burnes, Exhibition Coordinator
  • Twila Camp, Senior Director of Digital Innovation and Development
  • Chelsea Julian, University Libraries Communications Coordinator
  • Kristi Wyatt, Emerging Technologies Librarian
  • Eric Zemke, Library Technology Platforms